Meher Baba

Meher Baba (February 25, 1894 – January 31, 1969), born Merwan Sheriar Irani, was an Indian spiritual leader and mystic. He led a normal childhood, showing no particular inclination toward spiritual matters. At the age of 19, a brief contact with the Muslim holy woman Hazrat Babajan began his seven-year process of spiritual transformation. Over the next months, he contacted four additional spiritual figures whom, along with Babajan, he called “the five Perfect Masters.” He spent seven years with Upasni Maharaj, one of the masters, before forming his ministry and publicly teaching. ‘Meher Baba’ is Persian for “Compassionate Father”.

To know reality is to become it.
According to the law that governs the universe, all sufferings are your labor of love to unveil your real self.
The ‘I’ has to get rid of the falseness before it can realize who it is in reality.
The mind creates false impressions and makes the real “I” think itself false.
When you surrender all falseness you inherit the Truth that you really are.

Meher Baba took a vow of silence that laster forty-four years, till his death. “Things that are real are given and received in silence,” he said. He taught by using a letter-board, dedicating much of his efforts to helping the poor casts of India. Baba disregarded the difference in cast and claimed all possessed the possibility of having a soul, whether rich or poor, sick or healthy.
In his writings, Meher Baba considers the Self equivalent to god-realization, real ‘I’ and truth. Hence, the command know thyself appears often in his teaching, under synonymous attributes. Baba outlines the internal struggle necessary for extracting real ‘I’ from the veils of illusion that normally cover it. He points the way to the self as indirect: by removing the veils of illusion one reveals one’s true Self.

Do not pretend to be what you are not. God forgives everything except hypocrisy.