Liu Yiming

Liu Yiming (1734 – 1821) was an 11th-generation master of the Dragon Gate Sect of the Complete Perfection Tradition, and a master of Inner Alchemy during the Qing Dynasty. His alternate name was Wu Yuanzi and was called Non-Harnessed Man of Simplicity. Liu Yiming studied the Confucian classics when he was young. In the second half of his life he lived in seclusion on Mt. Xiyun and Mt. Xinglong in Yuzhong County, Gansu province, for cultivation of the internal energy of the Tao. He contemporaneously built an altar to expound the teachings of Taoism and wrote books to promote his ideas. He eventually became a very influential Taoist of the Dragon Gate Sect of Complete Perfection Tradition.

The spirit penetrates heaven and earth, knows the past and the present, enters into every subtlety, exists in every place. It enters water without drowning, enters fire without burning, can penetrate metal and rock without hindrance. It is so large that it fills the universe, so small that it fits into a hair-tip.