Welcome readers – friends, acquaintances and visitors whom I may never meet – welcome to Ark in Time.

This site tells a story of a book. Yes, while books tell stories of others, each has a story of its own. Since the author realizes how often such stories remain untold, and since both his stories complement each other, this site accompanies the book as it matures into publication. It gives the context around its coming into being; opens a door into the circumstances that inspire it, sheds light onto the process of its writing–all of which, in the mind of the author, are as valuable as the book itself.

The book is titled “Ark in Time” and narrates a contemporary odyssey. If you thought that the days of Odysseus and the cyclops were long gone, the author invites you to reconsider. If you thought that exile, relocation, injustice and venturing into the unknown were extinct challenges of obsolete ancient myths, he advises you to reexamine your premises. Man has changed little since the dawn of civilization, his surface attire and accessories evolving with technological innovation, his interior world remaining identical to his oldest ancestor who first set foot on earth.

We do not know who that first ancient was, nor would we profit from this if we did. We do however know that he and his like laid the foundation of wisdom that has survived throughout the centuries, and spared us the need of perpetually reinventing what was discovered and passed down. Our present vista of what preceded us is sweeping, and we know that we see far because the shoulders of those upon whom we stand are giants of their eras, and have themselves borne wisdom from one generation to the next. Our present age is no exception, its technology providing ever more efficient vessels of transportation for the same precious cargo of ancient wisdom.

The voyage of ancient wisdom has been tumultuous. Much has been lost never to be recovered. The names of many contributors of this great passage never made it into the history books, while others were aggrandized beyond reasonable proportion. Nevertheless, the thread ran uninterruptedly from our ancient ancestor, through each following age till our present day. Those who discover and follow this thread of ancient wisdom and partake of what it has to offer are generously nourished.

If you wish to retrace this odyssey of ancient wisdom, if you wish to embark on this ethereal Ark, you can read more about the author, about his approach to ancient wisdom, and learn why he chose to title his book Ark in Time. You can follow the progress of his book by dropping your email in the wooden sidebar icon up above and pushing the “embark” button. You will, in effect, be embarking on a virtual Ark, a metaphysical boat that strives to preserve and carry a meaningful payload – a timeless cargo that hopes to outlast its vessel.

If either aspect were to fail, Ark in Time would suffer shipwreck…

asaf-braverman-gateThe posts on Ark in Time chronicle the gradual evolution of this book, which the author divides into two aspects: “Ark” and “cargo”; “book” and “contents”. An Ark is built of physical materials: timber, nails, canvas and rope–all intended for structural support. Likewise, the structural aspects of this site are the page design, layout, reader-friendliness and its ability to reach like-minded readers. The valuable cargo is the site’s contents: an age-old message expressed many times before, a message in need of reiteration in every age. Since the physical conveys the metaphysical, the author finds it appropriate to write about both. If either aspect were to fail, Ark in Time would suffer shipwreck.

The author is aware that his aim is presumptuous and that his boat must sail against heavy odds. But his intuition and sense of responsibility override these fears and inspire him to attempt what seems impossible. If he fails and his Ark suffers shipwreck, his work will lay buried deep in the sea beside innumerable others of his like. If he succeeds, he will have added another small yet meaningful contribution to the legacy of civilization, and attain the highest honor of adding a beam to the Great Ark of Ancient Wisdom.

Then falter not O book, fulfil your destiny…
You too as a lone bark cleaving the ether, purpos’d I know not whither…
– Walt Whitman

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